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Straps are excellent fixating packaging material which is easily processed and flexible, can be made from PP, PET, PES, steel or composite.

The main field of straps application is fixation of goods on pallets and can be spliced/welded with strapping device or strapping machine or alternatively connected by stretching device with wire or metal buckles.

Different types of straps:

  • PP - standard
  • PET – standard
  • PES – longitudinal or woven - standard
  • steel – (with or without finishing) standard
  • composite – for order

Possible colour types:

  • black for PP, green for PET, white for PES - stnadard
  • coloured (different colours up to demand) especially for PP, PES – for order
  • printed – for order (for relevant quantities only)


  • width usually from 5 mm to 19 mm for plastic straps, most common 12 mm
  • width from 13 to 35 mm for steel straps
  • thickness usually from 0,35 to 0,8, most common 0,5 mm
  • inside diameter of core usually 200 or 280 mm for automatic machines and 406 mm for manual packing

Other supplied products:

  • Handy strapping device for PP straps for connecting with metal buckles
  • Handy stretching device for PP, PET and PES straps for connecting with wire buckles
  • Handy strapping device for steel straps
  • Unwinder for straps with collector of buckles
  • Strapping machines semiautomatic and automatic

Products examples:

PET strap 12 / 0,6 mm – 2 500 m green In Stock
PP strap 12 / 0,8 mm – 2 000 m black In Stock
PP strap 5 / 0,35 mm – 6 500 m black In stock or in 3 days
PP strap 12 / 0,5 mm – 3 000 m černá In stock or in 3 days
PES strap 16 mm / 850 m white longitudinal In stock or in 3 days
Straps with print For order
Other types or dimensions of the strap For order