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Double layered corrugated cardboard

Double layered corrugated represents excellent packaging material. Can be easily processed, is flexible in use and manipulation, is usually made from recycled paper, so is ecological, and can be recycled after use.

This material is usable (fold B and C) for packing of longer wood or metal products, but also for suffering the surface of furniture against damaging, or can be used like pad or interlayer between different kinds of goods, or palette interlayer. Double layered corrugated cardboard can be also used for covering and protecting the floors surface during small construction works, painting of walls or can be also used like filler into cardboard boxes.

Cardboard with E fold is used mainly for laminating by third layer usually printed and is then used for presentable box production.

Colored cardboard with E fold can be used fro production of gift boxes and for advertisement products and packaging production.

Offered types of double layered corrugated cardboard:

  • double layered corrugated cardboard – fold B - standard
  • double layered corrugated cardboard – fold C – custom-made
  • double layered corrugated cardboard – fold E – custom-made

Different colours types:

  • natural brown-gray - standard
  • coloured (different colours types up to demand) – custom-made and only for E fold


  • The most usual width of B fold cardboard is 48, 75, 80, 90, 105, 110 and 120 cm with winds of 100 or 150 meters (for B fold is max. width 120 cm)
  • The most usual width of C fold cardboard is 105, 120 and 210 cm with winds of 100 or 150 meters (for C fold is max. width 210 cm)
  • Other widths and winds can be made up to customer request e.g. 20, 30 cm etc.., or e.g. 10, 20, 75, 110 or 130 winded meters


  • cardboard suffered by us is 220–230 g / m2 = as standard on warehouse, custom-made can be done of any thickness in the range of 200 - 300 g/m2

The other supplied products:

  • sheets made from double layered corrugated cardboard – dimensions up to your needs, max width 120 cm, max length 200 cm

Examples of suffered products:

105 cm / 100 m, fold B In stock
105 cm / 150 m, fold B In stock
80 cm / 100 m, fold B In stock
120 cm / 100 m, fold B In stock
210 cm / 100 m , fold C For order
Other dimensions For order

Double layered corrugated cardboard 01 Double layered corrugated cardboard 02 Double layered corrugated cardboard 03