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Stretch film making machines, 1000mm width

Basic technical parameters:

Model: S – simple layer D - double layer
Screw diameter: 75 mm 2 x 65 mm
L/D Ratio: 28:1 28:1
Type of material processed: Main material is LLDPE
Type of screw material: 38 chromium molybdenum aluminium after nitregon treatment
Gear box: hard tooth gear box
Power of the main motor: 30 kW 2 x 22 kW
Width of the die head: 1250 mm 1250 mm
Power of traction motor: 4 kW, 3kW 4 kW, 3kW
Vytápění: 30 kW 51 kW
Power of the heating system: 1250 mm 1250 mm
Length of the traction roller: 1000 mm (2 x 500 mm) 1000 mm (2 x 500 mm)
Width of the final product: 0,01 – 0,05 mm 0,01 – 0,05 mm
Thickness of the final product: 100kg/h 100kg/h
Dimensions: 7500 x 4000 x 3200 mm 7500 x 4500 x 3200 mm
Weight: 4500 kg 5500 kg
Comment: Automatic/Manually operation screen net changer
Automatic/Manually change of lap
(see accessory)

In price included:

  • installation and staff training
  • electro installation and mechanical part protection is made to meet all EU standards
  • service and warranty ensured by our service team
  • all strategic parts ensured by reputable suppliers

Stretch film making machines, 1000mm width